Beef Special
Fresh All Natural, Roseda Farms Coarse Ground Beef for Chili 5.99 lb. Chili is a great meal to have on Halloween, it's easy to prepare and easy to eat while being interrupted by the ghost's and goblin's Thru Sunday November 02, 2014
All Natural Cheeks Only 7.99 lb Thru Sunday November 02, 2014 Pork cheeks are delicious! Just as they sound, they are the cheeks of the pig. A delicacy that normally weigh 3-5 oz each. They have a very rich flavor and a lot of tough protein, which means that they are chewy, but when you slow cook them, those proteins break down to give them a beautiful melting texture. The key thing with pork cheeks is to slow cook them for an hour or hour and a half until they will easily pull apart with a fork (you don’t actually have to pull them apart).
All Natural, Free range Poussin (also called Cornish Hen) Or Pheasant Only 8.99 lb. Thru Sunday November 02, 2014