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Our Farms

At Harvey’s Market we take our “Local” meat seriously. Our featured Local meats are raised naturally. “Natural” means the animal led a truly natural life filled with sunshine, access to fresh water, plenty of room to roam and space where normal animal behavior can be expressed. That natural life doesn’t include any use of unnecessary antibiotics, added growth hormones or consumption of animal by-products, making to meat naturally tender and full of flavor.

The great thing about sourcing local meat and poultry is that we get the chance to head out and visit the farms. Talking to the farmers and reviewing their practices to assure that the animals are truly Natural, Healthy and have access to all they need to be happy.

Roseda Farm

The team at Roseda prides themselves on combining the old way of raising cattle, fed naturally with grass and grain, using no hormones, with computer technology, making sure that their cattle are bred for the best cuts of meat possible. The beef that we get from their farm in Monkton, MD truly comes from a farm, not a factory. Taking the greatest care they dry age their beef 21 days to break down the enzymes in the meat to give it superior taste and outstanding tenderness.

Copper Penny Farm

Their focus is sustainable farming and heritage animals, traditional breeds that are better able to thrive under natural pasture conditions. Copper Penny began in Hanover, MD with a couple who had an interest in raising animal and wanted to play in the dirt. The way they raise their animals reflects that commitment to quality and nature.

Polyface farm from Virginia

The Salatins bought a worn out piece of land in 1961 and used environmentally-friendly practices, like compost piles, ponds and planted trees, to develop it into a productive farm. Today, several families are involved in the process in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and all follow the same ideals.

Wagon Wheel Ranch

This farm raises free-range and naturally fed livestock in Mount Airy, MD and the folks there are dedicated to their craft. It’s their personal attention, from feeding the animals before the sun rises each morning to staying with them long after it sets, that makes the that we get from them special.

Gunpowder Bison & Trading Company

Located in Monkton, MD, they specialize in locally-raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free, dry-aged bison meat. They focus on bison because of the health benefits of the meat – low in fat and calories, but high in protein, vitamins and minerals. In addition to their focus on the quality of the meat, the environment also plays a role in raising their animals. Grass-grazing bison promote healthy grass growth and add nutrients to the soil.

Rocky Meadows Farm

The Reed Family makes their home and their living on the land where they raise their animals in Big Pool, MD. Focusing mainly on Boer goats, they worked over the past few years to better their process, but have begun to branch out more. For them, it’s about finding the pleasure in raising and growing their own food that they can share with you.

Shenandoah Valley Lamb

The lamb here comes from several small farms in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania and is raised on a grass-finished diet, without the use of growth hormones. They partner with one of our other farms, Roseda, and the focus on quality is just the same. Their farms take the utmost pride in the lambs they raise, and lamb from the Shenandoah Valley is leaner than western lamb.

Langenfelder Farms

The Langenfelder Family has been raising animals for six generations and it’s now a business that they take seriously. They raise their animals on Maryland’s eastern shore, in Kent County and are involved in every step of the process, growing the corn used to feed their hogs, using the most up-to-date water and soil conservation practices.    It’s a pride that you can taste all the way through to their finished product.